Save Soil Movement || Sadhguru || 2022

Save Soil Movement  by Sadhguru- 2022

Sadhguru is an Indian spiritual leader and the founder of the Isha foundation who has started a movement to save soil. Through his Save Soil Movement, he wants to make people aware of the poor condition of the soil and how it will affect the life of each living organism on earth. He wants people around the world to talk about the soil, know about its current condition, how soil is dying across the globe, what it will do to the future of the world and how can we fix this problem.

According to the United Nations, 40% of the world’s land has been degraded, and if we continue to misuse the land it will cause serious consequences. it will affect food security, water availability, and ecosystem health and directly affect half of humanity. It will cause the loss of approx. US$40 trillion worth of ecosystem services each year. United Nations also said that the world has left only 60 years of harvest before cultivated land becomes deserted.


One of the main objectives of this movement is to get to talk with governments across the globe and bring out the policies that can revive the ecology and soil. Isha foundation also presented this initiative at the United Nations in Geneva on the 5th of April 2022. This initiative has gained the support of IUCN, UN SDG lab, and WHO. He also took a ride of 30,000 km across 24 nations on a motorcycle to bring awareness among the people and push them to use organic matter back to agricultural processes.


Isha foundation wants to reach out to the people and inspire them to participate in large numbers so that it can become a political issue which will ensure that the government makes policies and will set a budget for soil conservation. Already many profound figures from various fields coming together to save the soil and our mother earth. You can read more about Save Soil Movement  by Sadhguru at

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