Agastya Chauhan: (PRO RIDER 1000) Age, Death, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Family, and Biography (Updated 2023)

Agastya ChauhanAgastya Chauhan was a young Indian professional biker, YouTuber, and social media influencer who gained popularity for his bike racing and video making skills. Unfortunately, on May 3, 2023, Agastya passed away due to a fatal head injury from a road accident on the Yamuna Expressway. He was attempting to reach a speed of 300 kilometres per hour on his ZX10R Ninja superbike while filming a video for his YouTube channel.

Early Life and Career

Agastya Chauhan was born on 2001 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and was raised in the same place. His father, Jitendra Chauhan, was a wrestler who had won several medals in wrestling competitions. Agastya had a younger sister named Janis.

He had a keen interest in bike racing and was passionate about creating videos while riding bikes. His YouTube channel, named ‘PRO RIDER 1000’, had over 1.2 million followers. He was famous for his adventurous videos where he would perform stunts on his bike while traveling at high speeds.

Agastya Chauhan with his bike

Road Accident and Death

On May 3, 2023, Agastya was traveling from Aligarh to Delhi to participate in a bike race. While making a video on the Yamuna Expressway, he lost control of his bike and crashed into a divider at Mile 47 of the Yamuna Expressway in Thana Tappal area. The impact was severe, causing Agastya to suffer a critical head injury. He lost a lot of blood and passed away instantly.

Agastya’s death was a massive shock for his fans and followers, who were devastated by the loss. Many people expressed their condolences on social media, and his videos gained a lot of views in the aftermath of his death.

Personal Life and Family

Agastya Chauhan was 22 years old when he passed away. He was unmarried and did not have any children. His mother’s name is unknown, but he had a close relationship with his father, who was a source of inspiration for him. He had a younger sister named Janis.

Agastya Chauhan with father

Net Worth and Bike Collection

Agastya Chauhan’s net worth is unknown, but he owned a Kawasaki Zx10r and a KTM RC 390. He was passionate about bike racing and often posted videos of himself riding his bikes on his YouTube channel.


On Wednesday, August Chauhan, a 22-year-old leader from Uttarakhand, tragically passed away in a road accident on the Yamuna Expressway. According to reports, Chauhan was riding his Ninja ZX10R Superbike at a speed of 300 kmph when he lost control of his bike and collided with the roadside divider at Point 46. As a result of the accident, Chauhan suffered a fatal head injury and passed away instantly.

Chauhan was travelling from Dehradun to attend a YouTuber meeting in Delhi, accompanied by four other bikers. His comrades were ahead of him when the incident occurred. The police contacted Chauhan’s family members through his bike number.

Chauhan was a popular YouTuber and had gained millions of subscribers through his channel, PRO RIDER 1000. He was known for making videos while riding his bike and always included a warning not to drive too fast. He had a collection of several bikes and had faced legal action from the Uttarakhand police in the past.

The accident has left the atmosphere of mourning in Chauhan’s hometown of Dehradun. The condition of the bike involved in the accident was severe, and Chauhan’s helmet had several pieces. It is a tragic loss for his family, friends, and fans who admired him for his passion and skills in biking and content creation.

Agastya Chauhan Death

Agastya Chauhan was a talented professional biker, YouTuber, and social media influencer who left a lasting impact on his fans and followers. His tragic death is a reminder of the dangers of bike racing and the importance of taking safety precautions while riding. He will always be remembered as a young, adventurous spirit who lived life to the fullest.

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