JOOJ_NATU Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Family and Biography (Updated 2023)

JOOJ_NATU Age, Bio,Wiki, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family and Biography (Updated 2023)


JOOJ_NATU, whose real name is not publicly known, is a popular TikTok star and digital creator born on April 25, 1998, in Brazil. As of 2023, he is 25 years old and has gained massive popularity for his comedic content on the TikTok platform.

JOOJ_NATU began his career on TikTok in April 2020, where he quickly gained a following with his situational skits and use of filters to enhance the comedic effect. He has since amassed over 13 million followers on TikTok, making him one of the most popular creators on the platform.

Birthday April 25, 1998
Birth Sign Taurus
Birthplace Brazil
Age 25 years old
TikTok Handle @jooj
TikTok Fans 13 million
Instagram @jooj_natu
Band Natu Rap (with brothers and sister)
Popular Video Comedic skit about music production (9 million views)
Collaborated with Jason Banks (Nov 13, 2021)
Net Worth Unknown

Aside from TikTok, JOOJ_NATU is also active on Instagram, where he posts selfies and snapshots with friends and family on his jooj_natu account. He is also a member of a band called Natu Rap, which includes his two older brothers, Oli and Dave, and his sister Raquel.

One of JOOJ_NATU’s most popular TikTok videos is a comedic skit about music production, which has gained over 9 million views. He has also collaborated with other popular TikTok creators, including Jason Banks, whom he tagged in a video posted on November 13, 2021.

Although JOOJ_NATU’s net worth is not publicly known, he has gained a significant following on TikTok, which has likely led to numerous brand deals and sponsorships. Overall, JOOJ_NATU is a talented digital creator and musician who has gained a massive following on social media through his comedic content and engaging personality.

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